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Girlchan Contest Submission

2010-05-29 02:04:37 by C4Four

My Creation for the Girlchan contest.

Girlchan Contest Submission

Its not much of a post but just letting Newgrounds know im a member and artist slowly working my way up.

My signature for my art

2009-09-12 03:26:11 by C4Four

My signature for my art my not be visible or barely visible but it's CFour. It's the first letter of my first name and first for of my last name.


2009-09-12 03:05:47 by C4Four

Please feel free to suggest any changes for my Art ratting in regards to the Teen and Mature ratings.

Starting to Post my Art

2009-09-12 02:44:08 by C4Four

Yay Finally figured how to post my art.

My profile pic

2009-08-07 16:53:02 by C4Four

My pic isn't as big or detailed as i'd like but oh well. Its a pencil drawing among all my art and i haven't quet saved the money nor have i have had the experience on a good digital art program yet.

Anyways here is a bigger pic. =2&aid=87215&id=684545809#/photo.php?p id=2863753&id=684545809